Course Learning Reflection

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Please begin by identifying three large ideas or concepts from the class that you found interesting /provocative/revelatory/worthy of remembering. Each of your three 500-word reflections should fall into two parts:

Part A (250+ words): Carefully identify/frame this idea (as if explaining it to a friend). Why did you find it important (i.e., why do you choose it)? Did it reinforce or contradict your previous thinking? Please specifically quote one of the course readings in this portion.

Part B (250+ words): How would you connect this idea to any of the course learning outcomes (pop culture as a reflection of social/historical context; the relationship to a commodity culture; assumptions of embedded race, class, generation, and/or gender)? How might you fit these new or reinforced understandings of pop culture fit into your life? Please include both general and specific examples of resulting thinking and/or behavioral shifts.

Note: Your writing must be original to this assignment; we will not accept work written for posts for this class (please refer to the syllabus for all Academic Honesty guidelines).

Each of the three 2-part reflections is worth 85 points (note the 5-point bonus), and will be graded according to the following rubric:

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