Cover Letter, Resume, Interview Thank You Letter using Microsoft Word

Instructions: Create aCover Letter, Resume, and Interview Thank You Letterwith three parts usingMS WordThis project requires you to use MS Word to create ALL THREE PARTS in the SAME document. Be sure to check for spelling and grammar errors. The name of the company is ITM Strategies. The company is hiring an office manager position for their headquarter’s office. You will need to exercise your Microsoft Word skills as many managers do when performing many of their own tasks. Use a letter template to create the letters and develop anewresume (which may be accurate or fictitious). Be sure to incorporate the key features listed below. You will be graded on use of all features, design, thoroughness, creativity and overall impression.Feature IncludeCover LetterDevelop the letter using a letter template.Include a date, address, salutation, body, and signature.Write the body of the letter explaining how you are interested in the position and listing the skills you have that would be an asset to the company.Use Times New Roman in 12 size font.ResumeUse a Table to help you get the best use of space on the page (templates with tables are acceptable).Bold at least one or several important points in your resume.Use italics for any job titles.Include a bulleted list for each position showing job responsibilities.Interview Thank you LetterDevelop the letter using a letter template.Include an address, salutation, body, and signature.Insert a date.Write the body of the letter thanking management for the interview opportunity.Use Times New Roman in 12 size font.

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