Directions: Create an outline for your Argumentative Research Paper. Organize your writing by creating an outline which supports your position (your argument). After you have gathered what you believe will be adequate supporting material, outline your paper. Here are a few rules to keep in mind when preparing an outline:

  • Include your thesis statement.
  • Always have more than one sub-division.
  • Use parallel form (choose a structure and stick with it).
  • You may learn more about creating an outline by visiting the Purdue Online Writing Lab. You can also examine this Preparation Outline for more information on how to create an outline.

    The topic I chose was the treatment of special need children. Many societies and communities in our country and even internationally do not recognize or even appreciate the presence of needy children. These are children like any other child, but only that they are physically or mentally challenged. They are way more spiritual than a normal child could ever be. Special needs children need to be treated with kind hearts, with respect and love, they have to be given the care they deserve each and every moment of their life this is because they are human beings like us hence they deserve everything that a normal child deserves.

    I would like to research on this topic because I do not support the way special need children are treated, how they are humiliated, how their parents and other individuals call them names(bully them) and also the kind of care and love they receive. I would like to bring this to an end and if possible convince my fellow students to come up with a campaign to stop this kind of treatment once and for all.

    The audience of my argument apart from my instructor would be special need children parents (both special need parents and those who are not), teachers, community health officer and a well-known politician. this would give me an opportunity to explain every detail about my view on special need children.

    The purpose of my paper would be to give special need children the opportunity and reason to go on with their lives as other children; to educate my audience(other people) on the importance of special need children in the society; give reasons as to why equity should always be maintained within the society; make people understand that these children never choose to be like that( or to be born that way and that we are all human being regardless of how we are physical, mental, spiritual or biologically.

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