Critical Reflection Paper

What is your personal definition of help?

How do you think you have arrived at the idea of what help is, what it looks like and when it is needed?

What informed and continues to inform your ideas of help?

How have you been helped? By Whom? Or how have you seen people be helped? By Whom?

Have you given help? Why was help needed? What did you do? Were you helpful?

Given your understanding of help and the situation you are describing is there anything you would do differently, or the folks involved should have done differently now that you reflect upon it?

What did you as the person offering help assume in the situation? Or if you received /witnessed help what were the assumptions the helper(s) made in the situation?

What would you do differently or what do you think should have been done differently in this situation?

What should you or the people giving help think about in future situations?

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