a. Read “Run for Your Life: How to Run, Walk and Move Without Pain or Injury” by Mark Cucuzzella

b. Write a 7-9 page double-spaced paper (not including the cover), which includes your name, squadron and date on the cover, using the following format: 

Introduction: Paragraph to inform the reader what you will present (e.g. the point of the essay, with 3 main points, and conclusion you hope to draw).

Body: Develop the points, one by one, using several paragraphs per point. Each paragraph containing a

Relevant introductory sentence, a few sentences to develop the introductory sentence and a concluding sentence which transitions into the next paragraph.

Conclusion: A paragraph or two (max), that summarizes the points and provides your conclusion. 

c. Address 1 through 3 below in your paper: 

1)  The author view vulnerability as a strength. How might this apply to your work as an Instructor in leading flights? 

2) How and why might an MTI (Military Training Instructor…boot camp instructor) use the sharing common feeling regarding fear of failure or not being good enough to motivate optimal trainee effort and performance? 

3) What impacts (good or bad) does doning a personal armor to shield oneself from vulnerability have on a person’s ability to achieve their goals or purpose in life?  

4) (OPTIONAL) Address any other aspect of the book you’d like to highlight from a personal perspective.

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