Critically appraise the development

***This 3000 word paper is a very serious paper for me, and its due in 8hrs from now, I am willing to spend a fortune to get it in 8hrs, so please before committing yourself go through the paper and requirement. I am not going to accept any work submitted past 8hrs because it will be worthless I will have already scored an F***Please follow the information below:A 3000 word individual summative assessment , at least 10 reference in Havard style.Critically appraise the development, organisation and success of one MEGA or MAJOR recurring event. (Examples of suitable events mightbe the Venice Biennale, Edinburgh Festival or major sporting event such as Olympics)Structure reminder:••C250 words introduction•C1500 words of literature•C1000 words of case study•C250 words conclusionWhat can you do in the question:•You chose a festival•Look for literature which will help you define it•What kind of event is it?•What can be said about it drawing on literature – is has grown? It has developed its programme? It has developed new audiences•New ways of working in localities•What are the impacts issues of the specific event against those argued in literature?

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