Critique case study

InstructionsGo to the CSU Online Library, or the internet, and use the Academic Search Complete database to find the article “Managing Risk Perceptions,” by Vladimir Ivensky in the peer-reviewed journal Professional Safety. After reading the article, provide a critique that answers the following questions:· How does risk perception in employees affect the evaluation of residual risk and the choice of controls used to control risk associated with a hazard?· What are some problems that can arise in a workplace related to implementing too stringent controls?· What are some problems that can arise in a workplace related to implementing too lenient controls?· Summarize your opinions about methods to use to bring risk perceptions at a facility in line with actual risk and the controls that you would implement to reduce those risks.Summarize how you believe a safety professional should evaluate and explain residual risk and acceptable levels of residual risk to workers.The article critique must be a minimum of two pages, not counting the title and reference pages. The paper should be double-spaced and in APA style. You must at least include a reference and in-text citation for the article. You must also include references and in-text citations for any other sources you use.

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