Critique of the theory of self efficacy

Reply to this discussion with at least 250 words, 2 scholarly references, references in APA format within the last 5 years published.Critique of the theory of Self-EfficacyThe theory of self-efficacy is a middle-range theory that guides nurses and nurse practitioners to deliver effective nursing care by focusing on the patient’s self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is the patient’s belief in their ability to cope with and manage their health condition. One can evaluate the internal criticism of this theory by looking at the clarity of the view, the consistency of the approach, the idea adequacy, the development theory, and its logical result. Likewise, one can evaluate the external criticism of this theory by looking at the utility of the idea, the discrimination significance of the view, the theory’s complexity, and the approach’s absolute convergence (Wilde & Hsu, 2019). The system is also consistent, with all the concepts and terms used consistently. The view is adequate, as it covers all of the necessary ideas and provides a clear framework for nurses to follow.The theory development is logical and well-thought-out, and the theory has a solid scientific basis. The view of self-efficacy is helpful in that one can apply it in a wide range of nursing care situations. Self-efficacy theory is generally clear and concise (Hayat et al., 2020). The four main factors contributing to self-efficacy are easy to understand and remember. The idea also has good empirical support. One potential criticism of self-efficacy theory is that it does not consider all the factors influencing a person’s ability to execute a behavior successfully (Yuen & Datu, 2020). Also, self-efficacy may not always be accurate. A person may have high self-efficacy for a task but fail to complete it. The theory is complex, but this is to be expected, given the concept of self-efficacy. Overall, self-efficacy theory is helpful for understanding and predicting human behavior. It is an economical theory that can help explain many phenomena.ReferencesHayat, A. A., Shateri, K., Amini, M., & Shokrpour, N. (2020, March 17). Relationships between academic self-efficacy, learning-related emotions, and metacognitive learning strategies with academic performance in medical students: a structural equation model. BMC Medical Education, 20(1)., N., & Hsu, A. (2019, July 26). The influence of general self-efficacy on the Interpretation of vicarious experience information within online learning. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 16(1)., M., & Datu, J. A. D. (2020, December 9). Meaning In Life, Connectedness, Academic Self-Efficacy, And Personal Self-Efficacy: A Winning Combination. School Psychology International, 42(1), 79–99.

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