Modification of Questions from Stohr et. al(pp 17-18)

“How to Read a Research Article”

PLEASE NOTE: use your own words to answer these questions with the exception of the last question

1)Why did you pick this as one of your research articles to read? Are there professional and/or personal reasons that attracted you to the article? Give some thought to this.

2) What is the research question(s) or issue(s) the article is addressing? If stated—what are the hypotheses that are being tested?

3)What is the prior research literature related to the research question/hypotheses the author is bringing to your attention? If the article is a theoretical discussion, be sure to explain what theoretical issues the author is addressing.

4) Is this a qualitative or quantitative study or mixed-methods? Briefly summarize the specific methods (e.g., survey, interviews, archival) employed by the author.

5) What are the results of the study?

6) Is the evidence and the argument(s) the author provided to explain their research findings/analysis persuasive? Why or Why not?

7) What are the limitations to the research identified by the author? What are the limitations (if any) YOU see that are not mentioned by the author?

8) What does this article add to YOUR knowledge of the subject and understanding of the field of corrections? How has this article changed your thinking about the topical focus of the article? How is this research related to research/issues you have read in Stohr et. al. ?

9) What implications for criminal justice policy can be derived from this article?

10) Reproduce a quote/passage from the article that best captures what you learned from this article and made the most impression on your thinking. Explain your choice.


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