Written Assignment 1

Imagine you are a police officer and a reliable confidential informant has told you that ex-con and previously convicted drug trafficker David Ross is dealing cocaine out of his home.In addition, he has also showed you pictures from his cell phone of David standing in his living room holding what appear to be bags of cocaine while smiling broadly.The informant tells you that the drugs are kept in the kitchen sink, able to be thrown down the garbage disposal and destroyed at a moment’s notice.The informant also tells you that Jojo is usually armed with a handgun for defense and has vowed that he will never go back to prison.From a legal standpoint, what steps should be taken to address this matter?What rules come into play in this scenario?Once the legal avenues are addressed, what are some of the practical implications that the police should keep in mind when executing a warrant under the aforementioned circumstances?Be sure to clearly articulate what you would do and why you would do it.

Please answer in a paper of 3-4 pages, double spaced, no larger than 12 point font.This assignment requires outside sources in addition to our text.Please document your sources in APA format.Please refer to the grading rubric in the resources area.The rubric details the point values and various criteria used to grade the assignment.

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