Students will submit one 6 page paper in which they evaluate the material found in Amin Maalouf’s Crusades Through Arab Eyes.

How does Maalouf’s work present the Crusades? What are the main themes and issues depicted? How does our understanding of the Crusades change or expand based on looking at the events “through Arab eyes”? How can we understand the Crusades in the broader context of the period and issues of the time?

Students will have a thesis (main argument) and provide cogent analysis of the material found in the text. No outside research is needed for this assignment. Please use only Maalouf’s text as your evidence to prove your main argument regarding the points he makes and the overall meaning/impact of the material presented. Make some conclusions about the legacy of the Crusades and the themes presented.

Papers should be double-spaced, 12 font, and one inch margins.

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