Culture and Psychology

Individuals behave in ways that reflect the collective culture in which they live. Culture can be defined as an adaptation to the environment that promotes survival. Several factors are assumed to influence culture:

  • Ecological (e.g., geography, climate, and natural resources)
  • Social (e.g., density of population, money, government, history, and religion)
  • Biological (e.g., temperament, and personality of the population)

In your definition of culture, you might consider the aforementioned factors and the way they influence the behavior of individuals within a specific culture.

For this Discussion, select three different cultures. Consider how culture influences human psychology, behavior, and thought processes.

With these thoughts in mind; post your definition of culture. Explain two ways culture influences human psychology. Then describe a specific example of human behavior (e.g., aggression, gender-specific behaviors, or mental health) and explain one way this behavior may be exhibited differently among the three cultures you selected.

2-3 paragraphs consisting of 5-6 sentences each. APA format. Reference resources in your writing.

Use the following resource to support your responses and find additional material as needed.

Matsumoto, D. (Ed.). (2001). The handbook of culture and psychology. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Chapter 2, “Culture and Psychology at a Crossroad: Historical Perspective and Theoretical Analysis

Chapter 3, “Individualism and Collectivism: Past, Present, and Future”

Chapter 4, “Culture, Science, and Indigenous Psychologies: An Integrated Analysis”

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