for this assignment please respond to the following. Please give meaningful opinion on the information below. Please respond with 250 words, 12 font times roman:

The one variant that i would use to describe the current conflict between the United States and North Korea is Neorealism. I think neorealism is the best way to describe the two countries current conflicts because the ways that both countries are structured makes it real difficult for both countries to agree on the same viewpoints as each one has different views. With that being said thats why there are so many differences between the two countries. Conflict between the two countries starts at the systematic level because it is left to each countries to depend on themselves meaning that each country believes what they want and share there own views

In addition the conflicts that exist between the two countries of the United States and North Korea is that both countries are worried about their own security. Causing them two both be at the brink of a nuclear war because of North Korea defiance to test Nuclear Bombs off the coast of Japan. Neorealism is also the best way to describe the conflict between the US and North Korea because it best explains why the two countries think the way they do

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