Instructions: 7 medium length (a few paragraphs) essay questions requiring you to directly reflect on our reading to date. You should answer each as completely as you can, and as descriptively as you can. Feel free to use examples to illustrate your answer wherever appropriate. All answers can be found directly in our reading in the text and the class notes. Exams should be approximately 7 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins. exams should be well written and proofread. Please remember that your work should be your own, and there should be no outside collaboration on the exam.

Question 1: Describe the origins, world view and evolution of the realist perspective on international relations.

Question 2: Describe the origins, world view and evolution of the liberal perspective on international relations.

Question 3: Describe the constructivist theory, and the main ways in which it differs from the liberal and realist perspective.

Question 4: Identify the three major sets of causal variables that go into the making of foreign policy, and discuss the impact that each may have.

Question 5: Define the term “nationalism” in international relations, and discuss briefly the role that nationalism had in the causes of the first and second World Wars

Question 6: Identify and explain the major internal and international sources of underdevelopment of the economic south.

Question 7: Identify the six major organs of the United Nations, and the role they play in carrying out the UN agenda.

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