Descriptive ethics of Thomas Aquinas and David Hume Discussion

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In 1,000 words, compare the descriptive ethics of Thomas Aquinas and David Hume.

  • How does each one think human behavior is motivated?
  • What role does reason play in each one’s view? What about human passions and sentiments? What about God vs. sin?
  • What kind of evidence does each seem to use to support their view of human nature?
  • What does each thinker say about how human beings should live?

Organize your paper into five paragraphs, each with one purpose:

  1. an introduction paragraph (written last so that you can introduce and summarize what you say in the paper)
  2. one paragraph summarizing Thomas Aquinas’s response to the above questions
  3. one paragraph summarizing David Hume’s response to the above questions
  4. one paragraph comparing/contrasting these two thinkers
  5. a conclusion reflecting on this from your perspective (ask: What do I believe? How do I respond?).

Write a 3-5 page, double spaced paper according to APA guidelines comparing the Christian moral psychology of Augustine and Aquinas. How do there different viewpoints address one of the following: what do I believe, what are my politics, or how do I respond.

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