Design a Verbal Behavior Change Procedure For this Assignment, you will be asked to design a behavior change procedure with a…

Design a Verbal Behavior Change ProcedureFor this Assignment, you will be asked to design a behavior change procedure with a complex verbal behavior in mind. (Make sure it is a complex verbal behavior – this is MOST important).Using behavior analytic terms, provide detailed descriptions of the following components of your behavior change plan:The client and your target complex verbal behavior(s)An analysis of the elementary and complex verbal behaviors and operants that currently exists in your client’s repertoireYour behavior change procedures, along with a clear rationale as to why you selected these particular methods for your clientSupporting citations from the research literature showing that your selected method is based on evidenced based best practicesAny ethical, social, cultural, practical or individual considerations that were made when designing your behavior change planYour plan to measure the clients progress along the way, and how you might modify your procedure if needed as you goHow you plan to evaluate the success or failure of your treatment planThis Assignment should be at least 4–6 pages in length. In addition, a minimum of three outside sources should be used to show support for your selected methods of behavior change. APA style formatting throughout, with proper in-text citations, as well as a formal title and reference page should be included.

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