1. Design an experiment to test whether people who meditate for 10 minutes before an exam get higher scores than people who do not meditate. Be sure to specify your hypothesis (1) and identify your dependent (2) and independent variables (3), as well as your experimental/treatment group (4) andyour control group (5). Assume that you start with 1000 subjects, roughly equal numbers of males and females, between the ages of 17 and 22. Explain how you would assign subjects to each group(6). You can use

the space below to draw a schematic of the experiment if you prefer. Make sure you label each of the words in bold above.

2. Jack is a second grade student. He appears to have no interest in learning; he’s either staring into space during class or disrupting the class by throwing paper airplanes at other students. Explain, in about 1 sentence each, what each of the following perspectives might look at as a possible cause of the problem.




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