Two “Great Awakening” occurred in America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Although most Christians perhaps would see each of these as a true “work of God” or “outpouring of the Spirit,” it must be noted that there were significant differences between the First and Second Awakening.

After having completed this week’s required readings (along with any additional sources), compare and contrast the Awakenings in response to the following concerns: (200-300 words)

What central theological and/or philosophical area/s of agreement do the Awakenings share?

  • What is one major theological and/or philosophical difference between the Awakenings, and what is/are the reason/s for this?
  • Finally, evaluate whether or not you deem these Awakenings (either, neither, or both) to be a work of God or outpouring of the Spirit, providing support for your position.
  • Readings:
    • Lane, A Concise History of Christian Thought, Part IV-V pp. 218-252. [Roman Catholic Response and Modern World: Roman Catholics – Tillich]
    • Bingham, Pocket History of the Christian Church, pp. 137-148. [Awakenings and Revivals]
    • Kerr, Readings in Christian Thought,
      • Ch. 25: The Council of Trent pp. 175-179
      • Immanuel Kant pp. 207-211
      • Ch. 32: Friedrich Schleiermacher pp. 212-218 [through Essence of Christianity]
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