Topic: Did Great Britain start the Civil War in order to reclaim the United States?

  • Research Paper – you will be required to write a 800-1250 word paper (roughly 3-4 pages in length and if the paper does not meet the minimum word count, it will be an automatic zero), in the following format:
    • Introduction paragraph: introduce your conspiracy theory, your hypothesis on the theory and the points which you will be discussing in the paper
    • Historical Background: In one-two paragraphs, discuss in the background information regarding your theory. Who or what is the theory, in more detail? How did it get started? What is it based on? Etc. These paragraphs should explain the historical details on the theory itself.
    • Arguments for and against the theory: find research to support and dispel the theory. What evidence can you find which gives credence to the theory, and what evidence is there against? Write one paragraph for and one against the theory.
    • Personal Observations: one paragraph defending your position (whether for or against) and state the evidence which has solidified your opinion. What piece or pieces of information convinced you for or against the theory? With this paragraph, you may use first person argumentation.
    • Conclusion: Tie up all your thoughts and give a final statement about your theory.
    • Formatting: The paper must adhere to MLA formatting.

    Include all references

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