Dietary journal entry

1. The Dietary Guidelines( recommended that we include certain foods in our diets and that we exclude, or restrict, our intake of others.  Considering the results of the diet analyses you completed during this course, which of the recommendations do you intend to apply in your own personal diet, going forward? (23-year-old, 6ft, 150lb, active male)2.  In a few sentences, give one example of how regular physical activity can contribute to risk reduction of the following conditions: (One example for each condition is sufficient)hypertension or other forms of CVD (cardiovascular diseaseosteoporosisdiabetes3.  From the list of nutrients in Column A, match the one that is either a protective factor,or a factor that increases riskfor each of the conditions in Column B. Briefly explain the association that nutrition science has established between foods that contain certain forms of these nutrients and one’s risk for developing the condition.Column A                                 Column BMineral                                    HypertensionProtein                                    B12 deficiencyLipids                             LDL to HDL ratio: 200:30Carbohydrate                         Colorectal cancer4.  Throughout this course, we have tried to emphasize the importance of meeting nutritional needs through diet, rather than through supplements. Protein supplementation has been supported for certain types of extreme athletic endeavor, and vitamin and mineral supplements have a positive impact on health during certain periods of our lives or under certain conditions.Let’s put this in perspective with reference to protein supplementation.John is a moderately active, 6 ft. male, whose recommended caloric intake is 2000 calories a day. (This is where we get the 2000 calorie requirement on food labels.) Based on the Guidelines for proportionality, how many caloriesof high quality protein should he consume a day?________________________ (20-25% is an acceptable range.)Now, John goes to his favorite steak house and is presented with menu choices for a 6, 9, and 12 oz steak. He chooses the 6 oz portion. How many gramsof protein does that represent?________________________ (convert ounces to grams.)________________________ (convert grams to calories)That’s the only protein food John takes in over the course of the day. Should he take a protein supplement to make sure he has had an adequate intake? Or is that 6-oz steak enough under ordinary circumstances?

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