Directions: Respond to each question in complete sentences using academic English. Be sure to answer all parts of the question and use evidence from the text to support your claims. I recommend writing 4-7 sentences per question.

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1. John McWhorter’s essay The Cosmopolitan Tongue discusses the disappearance of languages while English continues to spread and grow. Describe McWhorter’s attitude toward this process. Does McWhorter wish to preserve indigenous languages? Defend your response with at least three examples from the text.

2.Describe Richard Rodriguez’s stance on bilingualism and bilingual education, as explained in the essay Aria. How did his own experiences learning English shape his perspective on bilingualism? Use three examples from the text.

3.The essay Looking at Women by Scott Russell Sanders explores the biological and social implications of men’s attraction to women. Describe Sanders’ attitude toward the way that men perceive women, and explain the result of this perception, using three examples from the text.

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