A delivery van for Read-a-Book Company is involved in a traffic accident with a car driven by Kagen. In her negligence lawsuit against Read-a-Book, Kagen claims that she sustained a back injury in the accident and is now unable to work at full capacity in her job. The driver of the delivery van counters that he was driving safely and that it was Kagen who caused the accident. What discovery method or methods could be used to obtain the following pieces of evidence? In your discussion board post, please number your answers to correspond to the statements below. After you have submitted your responses, you must respond to at least one other student. Do not simply state “I agree” or “you did a great job” or something similar in nature. If you and another person chose different discovery methods for one of the situations below, explain your reasoning for choosing the method you chose. Or alternatively, if you and another person chose the same answer, then explain the reasoning you used to come to the conclusion.

1. Statements from the passenger who was in Kagen’s car at the time of the accident.

2. Copies of doctors’ report showing Kagen’s blood alcohol level when she was treated.

3. A report regarding weather conditions at the time of the accident.

4. A written statement from Kagen in which she presents her version of the accident.

5. An oral statement of Kagen’s ability to perform her job responsibilities after the accident, along with company videotapes of Kagen at her job after the accident.

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