Please respond separately to each topic a minimum of 350 words each

Topic 1


Teams and groups are an important part of the day to day operations of most successful businesses, communities, and companies.

  • What are the differences between groups and teams?
  • Explain why teams are used often within organizations.
  • Select a team that you believe is very effective (e.g., the Miami Heat, the NY Giants, a team or department within your company, your family, etc.).
  • Describe attributes of your chosen team’s context, composition, and processes.
  • Analyze how these characteristics affect your chosen team’s effectiveness.

Topic 2

Individuals versus Teams

When deciding to accomplish a task, management must decide whether to use individuals or teams. 

  • Describe factors you would consider when deciding whether to use individuals or teams.
  • Describe a hypothetical task in which you would choose to use individuals, as opposed to teams, to complete. Explain why.
  • Describe a hypothetical task in which you would choose to use teams, as opposed to individuals, to complete it. Explain why.
  • Describe how you would motivate team members using incentives.
  • Analyze how effective these incentives would be in motivating high team performance. Describe any limitations to using incentives to motivate team performance.
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