Discussion 1

Experience with Support Personnel

Support personnel can assist children with disabilities in the school setting by enabling each child to realize their potential. Discuss the support personnel you have observed in the classroom. What were their roles, and to what extent did they work collaboratively with the classroom teacher? Did you see a need for further support?

Discussion 2

Meaningful Support for Specific Needs

Think about your classroom observation. Pick a specific disability and discuss how support personnel can help the classroom teacher provide a meaningful and relevant learning environment for a student with this disability.

Discussion 3

Curriculum Based Assessments

The information gathered from (CBA) should add to an understanding of a child’s stage of development, provide information to make informed instructional decisions, and connect to developmentally appropriate learning goals.

Based on your Web search, what information will the CBA you researched allow you to gather? What are the strengths and limitations of this type of information?

Discussion 4

Progress Monitoring and Instruction

School psychologists perform assessments that compare a child to others of similar age and grade level. CBA focuses on the curriculum in the classroom, and thus compares a child to him or herself–how a child is performing this week compared to last week, and whether he or she is making progress based on the interventions you are using.

Discuss how these CBAs can direct and drive instruction.

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