Choose your organization from the following list:

• General Motors (GM)

• Carnival (CCL)

• JC Penny (JCP)

• BlackBerry (BBRY)

Based on your research, describe the culture of your chosen organization. Include information from the organization’s website and publicly available articles. 

I wanted to share what the professor wrote back regarding the dq answer from a few days ago. It is as follows:

“How does all of this relate to culture and change? They have had many more recent bad years and bad press than good. Your job in Week 5 will be to share how you intend to turn them around. What is it about their culture that keeps them from moving forward and regaining their preeminence in the automotive market? Is the culture rigid, flexible, agile, etc? How do we know? What can we see as evidence on these issues? And, given that they must change and you can’t change everything all at once, what might they change first and how? How do you change the culture successfully when it is staffed with hundreds of thousands of people who have been living the cultural realities that have led to their decline? Please share with your classmates all that you see related to culture and change that is a stumbling block and share some ideas on what you can do to change these. Looking forward to you leading in these discussions….Denis”

 It is important to note that in this course I will have to act as the CEO for the chosen company (GM) and in a few weeks a business plan will have to be created in that regard. I believe that every assignment and DQ in this course is geard toward that objective. If you could provide some answers to the questions that the professor asked above I would be grateful.

Thank you

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