Discussion 7 -cyber law

Complete the following two steps:

A. Please do an internet search and find out the results of the Erin Andrews invasion of privacy case that the Craig discusses in the assigned text.  Write a commentary on your thoughts on the case.  Minimum 250 words.

B. Respond to two classmates’ postings. Minimum 100 words per posting.

1st response :

The sport caster was cheated through making use of a stalker who recorded her video at the same time she was staying in inn Marriott. The stalker Mr. Michael Barret then sold the video digital making it open which affected the admire and fashioned official of her coverage. In the wake of working out her video being circulate into online she with the aid of then enunciated the social gathering to the Nashville Tennessee and the exploration obtain the capture and confinement of Mr. Barret for two ½ years. The jury similarly conceded her 55 million for the harm she encountered on account of the event. 

The whole case made one factor indisputable that paying little intellect to how created we are, we’re regardless powerless towards stalkers like this. The important method of pondering in that is the nonattendance of reasonable principles in friendliness industry since of which the lodging executive felt it ample to disclose her room little print to Mr. Barrett. 

Likewise, the stalker would maintain up external her room unless she comes into the parlor. He by then recorded the video. Are there no CCTV cameras or are there no employees who’re guarding the hotel paths? These two request must be answered. 

It’s not possible for anyone to exchange what hopped out at her as there have been 17 million snap on her video till the time it was taken out. Moreover, we never recognize if it is up ’til now be open in quite a lot of sources. 

Expectation is the one procedure to discontinue such acts. Besides, it’s going to typically least tough be cultivated at style disposition association measure. Versus making tracks in an reverse path from the stress articulating they aren’t ready to understand what their people would do, sending serious measures to handle the room numbers and safety of their retailers will support to suspend these displays. 

2nd response :

 Erin andrews was a ESPN sports correspondent and the host of popular American TV show Dancing with the stars. She was a rising star in the sports field. She was a victim of a stalker who used a hotel door peephole to film her naked and put it out in the internet. The main issue here was with the privacy of the hotel guest as the hotel staff had provided the stalker with Erin’s information without her consent or providing any one with her room information. The pain was clear on Erin Andrews face at the trail, as battle began over her 75 million dollar peeping tom lawsuit. It was nearly eight years ago that she was secretly videotaped and naked inside her hotel room the man who did it served twenty six months behind bars. But Erin wanted the hotel to pay out because she claimed they allowed it to happen. Inside the courtroom in nashville for the emotional first day of testimony. Erin commented on all about how she felt and how she was doing. Erin Andrews was focused and at times seemed to fight back tears. She sat in the front row during opening statements well within the view of the jury part of the reason that it’s important for her to have aconnection with the jury. For the jury to meet her and see her early so that they can start to digest who she is, how this has impacted her. Erin’s attorney presented a frightening scenario it included showing jurors inside her hotel room at the Nashville. Marriott it also showed the people and Michael Barrett used to film her as a view of her without clothes on puts his telephone up there he can see from the other side and videos her with that, blows on the 37-year old sportscaster suing the  national marriott for 75 million dollars. This civil case prompted by a 2008 incident in which Barrett pleaded guilty to stalking and shooting those videos. She was finally awarded 55 million by the jury and the court in the privcay case. 

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