Discussion and response for Nutrition Class

Please address the following in complete sentences in a least 200 words and cite any sources used.

1.What food practices do you and/or your family follow for the Thanksgiving holiday? As a time of togetherness, have you experienced any food assimilation from friends from other cultures for this particular holiday? It is common practice, especially here in the U.S., for American families that also follow other cultural guidelines in addition to American traditions to incorporate those customs into “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner. I.e. Italian-Americans might serve pasta as a side dish along with mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc. Do you or anyone you know follow this custom, and how do you make this inclusion?”

Please respond to the following in at least 200 words and cite any sources used.

2.My family does not follow certain traditional food courses during the holidays. My grandmother was German but assimilated quickly in the states to escape prejudice. Any traditions we had growing up were American like turkey and stuffing. Since I’ve gotten older my mother and I don’t typically eat the traditional turkey. We may have duck or quail. There was one Thanksgiving were we had just German food to celebrate ancestral heritage. The typical German food presented was: Kuchen (german dessert) and goose. Also, this past Thanksgiving we ate at a French ristorante. They offered traditional turkey but, I had lamb chops. The restaurant was even cleaver to change their traditional soufflé to pumpkin soufflé.

My boyfriend Grant is Japanese but he was born in California. Grant and his brother grew up in a non-traditional family. Their mother grew up eating Japanese food. However, they did not eat Japanese foods like umeboshi (fermented plums). Now, as adults they like certain things like sushi or dumplings. During the holidays their family typically eats the traditional American cuisine. The only Japanese food they incorporate during Thanksgiving is inari sushi. They are rice stuffed tofu pockets and dipped in soy sauce.

Please respond to the following in at least 200 words and cite any sources used.

3.We have the traditional American meal that is turkey, stuffing, corn, peas, potatoes, and rolls. Our friend of many years had a Polish grandmother so we have included a cheese apple (which is 5 types of cheeses that are softened and spices are added- then chilled and used as a spread) and added deviled ham into our “deviled eggs”. A girlfriend of my son was from Japan, so we added avocado to our deviled eggs at her request. Another friend of my son from Japan asked to have Kentucky Fried Chicken during the Thanksgiving meal- not that he didn’t like turkey, but it was a tradition to eat KFC during the holiday back home. Apparently, it is a big deal, as I have since had several cultural diversity classes tell me the same thing. I have refused the octopus at Christmas from an Italian friend, but did humor him with some alfredo on pasta at the meal. We never eat the turkey legs, since I have found that many cultures disapprove of eating meat from the bone. This goes with the Italian Thanksgiving too as cooking a whole bird is hard for them, so usually only a breast is cooked. One thing is common of all cultures, when it comes to a holiday- there is a ton of food served.



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