1.Based on The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and American Cinema- Chapter 11: The Making of the West (the file “Book1”)
—-> Respond on questions in a short paragraph (+/-)350-395 words:
What was the main conflict in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and who was involved? How does this fit into the history of the western? How dependent were the plot, characters, and narrative on the setting? Be as specific and as detailed as you can be for each of these questions. Bring up material from the text, your own research, etc. What would you have done? Explain. Have you ever seen a western before?

2. Respond to the 2 posts attached in which you supposed to ask one question on the end of your answer ( Discussion Board 1 –> 2 posts (each answer –> 150-180 words)) ( posts in attachment “DB11”. )

3. Explain the history of the Western. When did they begin? When were they the most popular? Trace how the themes of westerns have changed/evolved with the times. Also, how did they connect to American history and identity? (320-350 words)

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