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1)first, read the “Non-Verbal Delivery” article included in this module. Read pages 1-12 only [marked as pages 394-405.]Nonverbal Communication Is More Involuntary than Verbal Communication.There are some instances in which we verbally communicate involuntarily. These types of exclamations are often verbal responses to a surprising stimulus. For example, we say “owww!” when we stub our toe or scream “stop!” when we see someone heading toward danger. Involuntary nonverbal signals are much more common, and although most nonverbal communication isn’t completely involuntary, it is more below our consciousness than verbal communication and therefore more difficult to control.Choose a television or movie personality you admire.What do you like about this person?Watch several minutes of this person with the sound turned off, and make notes of the nonverbal expressions you observe.What nonverbal messages did you see during the sound-off period?2)First, read the following two sections from the chapter included in this module: “Intercultural & International Communication.”1) Section 18.4 – Divergent Cultural Characteristics, pp. 19-26.2) Section 18.5 – International Communication and the Global Marketplace, pp. 27-32.Once you have completed the reading assignment, consider the following and submit your thoughts.You have just been given an extended international assignment by your employer. You will be going to a foreign country, with a foreign culture, for several months. Identify the country that you will be going to. Yes, you get to choose your foreign assignment. Then, based upon the readings on differing cultural characteristics and the need for effective communications in global business, describe in detail how you will prepare for your assignment. Be specific, based upon the research you conduct about the country/culture you selected. What adjustments you will need to make in how you act, conduct yourself, and communicate?Be specific in your observations, list the personality, the scenario/situation, and what examples of body language/nonverbal communication you saw.If you watched a video recording of your subject (such as Youtube),include a link to the videoin your submission.

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