Discussion; Consumer Protection

Review the content provided on theUS Department of Transportation Aviation Consumer Protection (Links to an external site.)website. Then, locate a news article or social media post (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog, or similar), or conceive your own brief (one to two sentence) scenario (be creative and have fun) related to one of the consumer protections.Follow this format to develop your initial response.Describe the event. If based on an actual event, include the full article text hyperlink (web-address). Note: The event description is not included in the required word count.Provide the applicable consumer protection(s) in APA style (citation and reference).Judge whether the event should or should not be covered by the protection(s). If the event was resolved, feel free to agree or disagree with the actual outcome. Conjecture the potential impact of the event on the airline’s future policies and procedures.For full credit, post your initial response (approximately 250 words)

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