Answer the following questions related to problems associated with the family. Don’t forget to include citations from the textbook chapter10…, module ” I will provide them below” or other credible sources, in include real-life examples and that your main post is 150+ words.

  • Divorce is often seen as having a negative impact on the children, but can divorce make fathers better, more involved parents? What are the role expectations of males in a marriage and how do they change after a divorce? Explain your answer.
  • Children are easily victimized who belong to couples who are gay or lesbian. What are the major problems they often encounter? How can society adopt a more efficient way of dealing with children who have gay/lesbian parents? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Explain your response.
  • Choose a kind of media, such as television, magazine advertisements, or movies that portray the role of fathers in the family. Discuss how these media portrayals both reflect and contribute to the cultural definition of the role of the father in U.S. families.
  • To earn 13-15 Points
    Discussion response is written and answers or responsds to questions/prompt in detail. Other appropriate sources are cited to support author’s discussion.

    Responses are at least a minimum of 150 words . Each question should have at least a couple of paragraphs.

    Response includes at least one citation from the textbook Chapter 10…
    or other relevant source to support author’s thoughts.

    Response includes at least one real life example to illustrate thoughts.

    Written in own words.

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