This discussion focuses on health promotion in varied client populations.

Throughout nursing, we encounter patients of all ages, background, education/ literacy, cultures, genders, and beliefs. You would not explain a medical term to a child the same way you would to their guardian etc. Patients often do not know the meaning of many medical terms/ diagnoses, yet are often labeled by them and sent on their way.

For this discussion, your medical term to discuss is hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol). You will also need to tell us WHO is the target audience (parents of children, teenagers, elderly, caregivers of the patient, etc).

Your discussion is NOT a formal presentation on PowerPoint, just write the info in the discussion board. The reading level should be at no higher than an 8th grade reading level as studies have shown this is an average literacy rate among patients in the US with health information (AAFP, 2017). The information you will need to include is a simple explanation of the term. You should AVOID the use of jargon and additional medical terms when possible.

We will use the “Ask Me 3” format for this discussion from the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF, 2017). You should have a minimum of 3 sentences for each but should be like a short version of a discharge summary for someone newly diagnosed with any of the below conditions.

Your discussion must answer:

1) What is the term? (What does it mean)

2) What can be done about it? (Treatments/ Testing)

3) Why is this important? (Convince the reader the information you have presented is important)

topic is hyperlipidemia aka high cholesterol

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