Attached is the reading, study guide and the questions are listed below. Questions needed to answered in paragraph form (4 sentences) with supporting details from the reading.

Complete list of questions:

-What is at least one of Giddings’ stated reasons for writing this essay?
-What is at least 2 arguments Giddings makes and how does he support (or not support) same?
-Of the 4 africanisms (oral, spiritual, communal, & matrifocal) argued to exist in Jay-Z’s work,which one is the most convincing to you that African Americans have an African cultural heritage; and how does Giddings support the claim?
-Have you ever witnessed these africanisms, or cultural values, in action within a Black community; how so?
After considering Jay-Z’s oeuvre, and that of other emcees, do you view Hip-hop as a strength or a challenge in African American communities; how so?
-What are you left wondering about; what questions remain unanswered in your mind? (required!)


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