Discussion Question 7

Bad research leads to bad decision making for businesses.  How could the following lead to bad outcomes for a company: (1) Bad sampling methodology, (2) Improper definition or measurement of variables, (3) Wrong statistical test.Which is more likely to lead to poor ethical decisions…misuse or misunderstanding of statistics, or improper definition or measurement of variables?Identify flaws in research methodology from a news article you come across on the TV, internet, or other news source this week. Post a link to the article or study.This week 7 major assignment is the article critique. After you have selected the article you want to write about (see list in module 7 assignments), Only one students may choose an article on the list, so get  your choices in early. Then, check out this guide to writing a critique of a research article….http://web.csulb.edu/~arezaei/ETEC551/critique-guide.htm (Links to an external site.)Example of a critique. It’s not fantastic, but it shows you what you need to do in the critique sectionhttps://www.westga.edu/~kielborn/studentexample.html (Links to an external site.)

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