REPLY THE POST BELOW IN 250 WORDS AS FELLOW STUDENT. WRITE ABOUT HOW YOU LIKE IT  AND WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT ITPOSTOne of the most interesting things I learned, or learned to understand more so from the video was that our beliefs drive our self confidence and are a critical tool to enhancing our self-awareness. This was profound for me as the way the video made it seem is that our beliefs, like our body’s backbone create an almost instinctual reaction to a task that is given to us to be the driving force behind it. Just like our body’s central nervous system fight or flight response, the driving force behind our actions, to include our self awareness is the beliefs that we hold near and dear to our heart. Enhancing our self awareness starts with a valiant effort on our part to self reflect and find out what we truly believe in. Without a firm foundation in our own structure it would be quite difficult to feel any level of self confidence in performing a task. The ABC method to identifying a cost-benefit analysis to any particular event in your life is a valuable method to identifying your own beliefs and the consequences that come with it.One of the most important skills I learned from this lesson is that being selfless is critical in being able to adapt and interact with other people within your environment. Often times we live in a self rewarding society where the focus is placed more on ourselves rather than the people around us. As a nurse especially I feel that this is a dangerous place to live in. I would find it difficult to provide empathetic care to others if I found myself consistently thinking about myself. Another critical skill validated from this lesson would have to be communication. Especially in a career field where you are constantly working with a massive interdisciplinary team where the focus is on the patient’s care, it is important to communicate effectively with others.

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