discussion responses

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Respond to each prompt minimum of 250 words per prompt one scholarly source per prompt. It is fine if you reuse a scholarly source to answer a different prompt provided it is aligns with the question & response

Also, please include a question to at the end of the response that will illicit further discussion

Discussion Prompts: “Counseling Skills”

  • What steps would you put in place when your client feels that he or she will never solve their problem?
  • How well do you think feedback from your client will help you in helping them through their therapy?
  • When do you feel it will be necessary to sever the therapist/client relationship if you see after a period of time the client is not progressing toward a solution?

Discussion Prompts: “Risk Management & Ethics in Professional Counseling”

  • What records must the counselor keep in their possession about the client?
  • How do you stop yourself from defensive behavior when someone is criticizing your work or your ethical judgment?
  • Is our responsibility for aptly receiving criticism at least as important as how our supervisor offers it?

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