Go to the Finance website of Yahoo.com (http://www.finance.yahoo.com). choose a company and analyze the Statement of Retained Earnings for that company. Next, discuss any additions or subtractions recorded for the period from the perspective of a financial analyst. Be sure to discuss what you found interesting about these additions or subtractions.

Create a scenario in which a company conceals financial fraud from the auditing firm through the use of information technology. Next, suggest at least one (1) way in which an auditing firm can minimize its exposure to this risk.

Explore the FASB Codification sections related to pensions (plan accounting) (§960, 962 & 965). Identify one concept that you did not know prior to completing this research and share it with the class, citing the code section. Identify one question that has arisen as you have explored pensions in the Codification, and post this question as well. Your initial post should be 250-500 words in APA format, and should demonstrate solid academic writing skills.

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