Your client, Research Professionals, Inc. (“RPI”), a New York-based company, provides market research services to corporate clients located around the world. Most of its projects are based in the United States and are for long-term clients. When a client hires RPI, the client and RPI enter into a Market Research Agreement (the “Agreement”) that details the scope of the project and the timeline for completion of the project. The client pays RPI upon completed portions of the project, but if the project becomes delayed because of the client’s unresponsiveness, then payments will be due according to the projected timeline in the Agreement.

Based on the above information, draft a dispute resolution provision and choice of law provision that you think would suit RPI’s needs best. You can use as a model any forms in the book, student materials to the book, or any other forms you find. Please briefly explain the reasons behind your choice of dispute resolution provision.

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