Diversity Book Analysis Outline

The purpose is to demonstrate the ability to recognize and apply course concepts to diverse human experiences by applying ecological theory and course concepts to examine the systemic environmental influences. To complete the assignment students will select and read a nonfiction book about the life of a real person ( I have chosen the book ) (e.g. biography), complete an outline, and write a 5 to 10 -page paper.

Step 2: Read the Book and Complete the Outline: The purpose of the outline is to provide individualized feedback regarding application of course concepts and

ecological system
theory. Please use this template to complete the outline:

  • Introduction: Name of person book is about. Name and author of the One sentence about why you selected book. List 3 ways the person’s sociocultural environment was different from your own.
  • Identify how each Ecological System Influenced Development: Define each ecological system: microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, chronosystem; and include a risk and protective factor example of a course concept from the person’s experiences for each ecological There are 5 systems. There should be at least 10 course concepts applied (1 risk factor and 1 protective factor for each system). The course concepts should be bold text, defined, and a citation should be included). If you are unsure about an example or concept, do your best and make a notation that informs the instructor of the questions you have so that the instructor can provide appropriate suggestions.
  • How the Person Influenced or Changed their Environments to Influence their Own Development: List 2-3 course concepts (define, bold text, & citation) connected to examples of how the person influenced their own development by changing their
  • Conclusion: List 3 personal insights about what have you learned about diversity human
  • Reference: Include the APA formatted reference for the book you

Format is: Last name of author, Author first initial. Author

middle initial
. (Year Published). Title of book. City, State: Name of publisher. Example: Jones, S. A. (2011). My favorite life. Seattle, WA: Brooks Publishing

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