Domestic Violence

Attached you will find the Class 8 Summary document. The Class Summary document (contains all the instructions, readings and links that you will need and details the posting that you are required to make in the Discussion Forum. In the Discussion Forum you should answer clearly in response to the questions. Domestic Violence After reading about this topic in the Course Materials section, please answer the following question by replying to this posting 1. Either answer a) or b) a) What does Kimberle Crenshaw mean by the concept of intersectionality? Can you think of other examples of ‘representational intersectionality? OR b) In Box 3.4, p. 84 Barak refers to Claire Renzetti’s book, Violent Betrayal. Why is it so difficult for those abused in gay relationships to talk about it? 2. What did you think of the documentary and what help should be given to those experiencing domestic violence?

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