Domestic Violence as it relates to financial literacy.

4.1 Summary of methodologyBriefly describe the Capstone Project research design.Here you are going to discuss what keywords were used to search and find journal articles.This section should include: A description of the methodology (qualitative or quantitative). A description of the design (case study, generic qualitative, correlation, etc.). A description of the type of action research (participatory action, critical action research, action science research, or appreciative inquiry). A description of what data will be collected (validated instruments, interviews, archival data, organization policies, and procedures, etc.).A description of data analysis that will be used (thematic analysis, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics).4.4 Data AnalysisDetail the actual data analyses to be conducted to address each research question.How do you interpret information from the articles? As you read how are the articles critiqued. Best practices and commonalities?For each research question and sub-question provide the following: A description of the data source. A description of how raw data will be analyzed (transcription, calculation of scaled variables, etc.). A description of how data will be managed, processed, and prepared. The method of qualitative analysis or statistical analysis. A description of how data will be stored and protected.

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