Create a listening guide for one track. The track needs to be representative of your chosen music culture and the listening guide can be presented as a visual or written description, for example a timeline description of the sounds, the instruments and sections of your piece.

It can be presented as a list, diagram, schematic, video, reinterpretation or any other format you choose. The listening guide will describe the sonic features of the music- the instruments, the structure (e.g. where are the repeats, where are the contrasts between loud and quiet sections), production values, dynamic contrasts etc.

Task 2: Deliver a 5 minute in-class presentation expanding on your listening guide (which will be up to 5 minutes in length). Using your own words, any relevant images and video/audio clips (to a maximum total length of 3 minutes- e.g. 3 clips of 1 minute, or 6 clips of 30 seconds) describe how the track is representative of the music culture it comes from and the social function of music in that culture.

If you prefer, you can create a 10 minute video mini-documentary that includes your listening guide which will be played in place of a live presentation. In this case PLEASE UPLOAD TO BLACKBOARD VIA KALTURA.

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