The zip code is 77357!

Each of us is represented at any given time by many different individuals. Using the home address listed in your LSCK records, identify each of the following:

a. your representative in the United States House of Representatives

b. your representative in the Texas House of Representatives

c. the senator representing your district in the Texas State Senate

d. your representative on the Texas State Board of Education

e. the county commissioner for your precinct

f. (if you live in the city limits of an incorporated city) your mayor

g. (if you live in the city limits of an incorporated city) if the city council is elected on a district basis, the representative for your district on the city council.

For each of these individuals, present a brief biographical sketch, including background outside of politics, political party affiliation, and number and type of elective offices held. Also indicate whether the individual had an opponent in last November’s election.

Suggested places to start: for the U.S. House, (you will need your “Plus four” Zip code which can be obtained from the US post office website); if you are registered to vote, your voter registration card will show your U.S. House, Texas House and Texas state senate district numbers and county precinct number; for the Texas House and Senate go to; and for county or city, most counties and cities have web sites that should contain most of the needed information.

As to format, I am much more interested in content than form. Any coherent format you are comfortable with will do.

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