I have the pictures for the assignment. And need it tonight by 11:00 PM

You need to submit 700 word paper, analysis notes, photo of art work you picked and proof of attendance.For the two first steps must be in written in the third person. You are writing about “it”- the work itself.

Example: “In Picasso’s Painting, He divided the subject’s body into basic geometric shapes and then pieced them together.” or “In Monet’s Water Lilies, he did not use any lines to define the objects in the painting, instead he dabbed paint on to represent the basic colors and general forms of each object, like the bridge and flowers”
Use visual details to describe it. Take the painting apart into parts and then say what you noticed about it, but do not say “I see” just say “The painting uses green tones or the painting lacks perspective “

Use the vocabulary or terms in the book. Observation is the key, sit and really look at the work.

Analysis questions should be used during the visit to get as much info as possible. Do not turn in questions and answers, Must be an essay.

You can pick anything a sculpture, drawing , photo etc. Pick something you like, so that you will actually sit and look at it. Remember use Feldman’s Method of Art Criticism to write paper.

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