Stakeholder support is necessary for a successful change proposal project implementation. There are internal and external stakeholders to consider. Their support is necessary in the success of my project of tobacco dependency and cessation. Examples of internal stakeholders are management, facility, employees, and the unit that is affected. To find intermediate stakeholders, you first look within the immediate team in the department or unit and then in other groups that may connect you to the project. The support that comes from internal stakeholders is important because they are the people being directly affected. “Employees want to earn money and stay employed. Owners are interested in maximizing the profit the business makes. Investors are concerned about earning income from their investment” (Boundless, 2018, para. 3). Since internal stakeholders are going to be affected by the change, they need to be onboard and up-to-date on the change process and upcoming policies. Having their satisfaction and participation is important to prevent staff turnover and patient safety. External stakeholders are the suppliers, society, government, shareholders, and customers. These stakeholders are not within the facility, but are directly affected by what we do in the facility. The patients (customers) want the facility to provide safe and remarkable care at a reasonable cost. “Suppliers want the business to continue to purchase from them. Creditors want to be repaid on time and in full. The community wants the business to contribute positively to its local environment and population” (Boundless, 2018, para. 4). It is important to have support from these stakeholders because you need them to work alongside you to succeed. They provide the resources outside of the workplace. External stakeholders will help spread the word about the project change and will help reach the people in the community through primary prevention. It is always good to receive opinions from both stakeholders to take into consideration with you project going forward. Without internal and external stakeholders, the change process would be much more difficult to implement and be successful.


Boundless. (2018). Boundless Accounting.


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