Drugs or alcohol

Substance use interview

Choose either drugs or alcohol to discuss. Interview someone who has abused drugs or alcohol, or drinks heavily, binge drinks, or drank heavily when in the past. Ask them the following questions:

List the underlined topic above. Ask the person to share how often they abused drugs/alcohol per week, what was their drug or drink of choice, what age they started drinking/using drugs, what they feel might be some of the causes for their abuse, and how they quit or solved their abuse problem (or not), or what they feel might be a realistic way to solve their drugs/alcohol abuse. Discuss their responses to the above and provide at least two quotes from the interview. Share your thoughts, observations, and insights in your own words. Be detailed. Please do not use real names or titles (i.e. sister, cousin, etc.)

If you cannot provide a detailed interview with the person, then choose another topic for your discussion. This is not a mini discussion and needs to contain depth and details.

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