Visit at least three e-commerce web sites, not including those mentioned in Chapter 4. Click here to access the template for this assignment. Using the template, briefly describe each site’s purpose, and examine the effectiveness and performance of the sites according to the eight basic factors, which are listed below:

  • functionality,
  • informational,
  • ease of use,
  • redundant navigation,
  • ease of purchase,
  • multi-browser functionality,
  • simple graphics, and
  • legible text.

For each site visited, list any recommended performance improvements needed based on your analysis. Include screenshots of each site to support your choices.

All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. You will have at least three references to represent the three e-commerce sites that you choose to review.  

You must use the first attachment (which is the template) that is down below! I REPEAT you must use the template that is down below to complete this assignment. I’ve attached a Study Guide which should help you and a image of some E-commerce sites that you should avoid using since there were used in Unit IV.

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