Just answer the questions below and read the two articles I attached below and the video link to help you answer. Answer must be in depth and well written.

In the lecture, I mentioned that smell and memories are closely linked with various smells often triggering intense or vivid memories. Read the two articles and watch my brief demonstration video in the “Smell Memories Discussion” link above! This will help you to answer the questions below! For this week’s discussion I would like you to complete the following activity:

  • Gather a small sample of at least three of the following items: coffee beans (ground or whole), tea, cinnamon, chocolate, chap stick, any scented candle, a small amount of grass or dirt, a flower of any type, crayons or Play-Doh, and some sort of fresh fruit or herb and one or two uncommon items of your choosing!
  • Take a moment and with each sample, close your eyes and take in the smell of that item. Allow yourself to fully experience the smell by trying to clear your mind of all distractions and by taking your time rather than rushing through the experience.

For your actual discussion posting, please respond to the following questions:

1. Did you experience any intense memories or associations? Which items did you respond to the most? The least? Are there any other items you tried or would suggest?

2. What are smell memories and why do they occur? Note: The answer to these questions can be found in the articles in the link above so be sure to read them first and to be specific and detailed in describing what they are and why they occur in order to receive full points!

3. How can you use the knowledge that there is a strong relationship between smells and memories in your personal life?

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