Competency Statement

As an educator, it’s extremely worthwhile to reflect upon your teaching methods. This sort of reflection often helps you to recognize teaching practices that are working well and those which might need improvement.

Reflection is so valuable that the CDA requires candidates to create six formal reflections about their own teaching practices as they relate to specify Competency Goals.

For this assignment, please review the Standard below and create your individual Reflective Statement of Competence. This written reflective competency statement aligns with the Council for Professional Recognition’s Standard I: To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment, and is a required element in the CDA Professional Portfolio.

Begin your Reflective Statement with a paragraph describing how your teaching practices meet this Standard. Then prepare at least one paragraph on each of the questions below. The entire statement should be between 300 and 500 words in length.


Describe how your teaching practices meet this Standard.

Note: If you are NOT currently in a child care setting or directly working with children, visualize and explain what you would do and how you would meet these standards if you were a teacher or caregiver.


Reflection on the Weekly Menu in Resource Collection. If you designed the menu. How does it reflect your commitment to children’s nutritional needs? If you served the menu but did not design it, what are its strengths and/or what would you change?


Reflect on a classroom room environment: How does the room design reflect the way you believe young children learn best? If the room was not designed by you, what do you see as its strengths and/or what would you change?

Additionally, for students focusing on infant/toddler age-group: Reflect on and describe the similarities and differences between room environments designed for infants as compared to toddlers.


Reflect on the weekly plan you include in your Resource Collection (RC I-3) from your previous course Early Childhood Education Curriculum and instruction. How does this plan reflect your philosophy of what young children do on a weekly basis? If the plan was not designed by you, what do you see as its strengths and/or what would you change?

Additional, for students focusing on infants/toddler age-group: Describe how you would adapt this weekly plan for use with each of the three age groups (young infants, mobile infants, and toddlers).

Be sure the format and organization of your assignment is clear and includes.

The title Competency Statement Number: CS-I (CS-I-a, CS-I-b, CS-I-c).

Your name

Proper spelling and grammar

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