For this assignment, please review the Standard below and create your individual Reflective Statement of Competence. This written reflective competency statement aligns with the Council of Professional Recognition’s Standard V. To ensure a well-run, purposeful program that is responsive to participate needs, and is a required element in the CDA Professional Portfolio.

Begin your Reflective Statement with a paragraph describing how your teaching practices meet this Standard. Write at least one paragraph (300-500 words in length) that describes how you have used or would use the observation tool/form you included in the Resource Collection (RC-V). Include answers to the following questions below.

Why are observation and documentation important parts of program management?

How would you ensure that you are accurately/objectively observing and tracking each child’s developmental and learning progress?

If you are NOT currently in a child care setting or directly working with children, visualize and explain what you would do and how you would meet these standards if you were a teacher or caregiver.

Be sure the format and organization of your assignment is clear and includes.

The title: Competency Statement CS-V

Your name

Proper spelling and grammar.

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